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This is a Covid travel guide put together by my daughter, Marnie Levine. Marnie has over ten years experience working in the public health, bio analytical, and pharmaceutical industry. It is not an ‘official’ guide but may be very helpful when traveling by car:

 Marnie’s COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Car Travel Essential Items:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand wipes
  • Plastic bags
  • Mask(s)
    ○ Must cover nose and mouth
    ○ Never touch face (even with mask on) unless have clean hands
  • Gloves(optional)
    ○ Do not touch face with gloves
    ○ Can be used as an alternative to wipes

When pumping gas:

  1. Put mask (and gloves) on
  2. Use wipe to clean pump handle/pump(if not using gloves)
  3. Use wipe to hold credit card and swipe
  4. Use wipe to touch buttons (if not using gloves)
    When done​:
    1. Remove gloves (if applicable)
    2. Dispose of gloves and wipe
    3. Clean hands with sanitizer (or wash hands if possible)
    4. Remove mask
      • If close personal encounter, dispose or isolate in plastic bag and do not use until clean

When entering public location (gas station):

  1. Put mask (and gloves) on
  2. Take a wipe or two with you
    • Use to touch surfaces, doors, items for pick up
    • Use wipe when handling credit card
  3. Stay 6ft away from people
  4. Refer to “When Done” section (above)

Staying at a Hotel:

  1. Call ahead and see cleaning policy and if staff is required to wear mask
  2. Make sure location has low level of Coronavirus cases and is not touristy/busy
  3. Wear mask/touch surfaces only with wipe or glove/6ft apart during check-in and check-out
  4. Avoid common areas like food buffet, lounge, etc.
  5. Once in room, wash hands, remove mask, shower/change clothes(separate clothes from clean in plastic bag)
  6. Wipe down remote and other common use items
  7. Try to avoid touching face unless it is with freshly washed hands
  8. Wash hands frequently

End of trip:

  1. Wash hands
  2. Shower
  3. Change/wash clothes and masks
  4. Get tested for COVID-19 before close interaction with others


Interesting link to NY Times article regarding “Digital Theatre”


US Studio Makes Excellent Response To Covid-19 Pandemic

US post-production studio, Seismic Post Audio, based in Santa Monica, CA, has written to its clients explaining how they will be responding to the Covid19 pandemic. We think it is an excellent response and one other studios should consider adopting. We have been given permission to share it with the community.

Garrard Whatley, President wrote…

Hello all,

Panic regarding the coronavirus outbreak is unwarranted and completely unhelpful, but not being prepared is arguably worse. Soon, as has already happened in parts of some of our clients’ home state of Georgia (and around the country), schools may be closing here in Los Angeles as a mitigation effort, and other measures may be put in place by local governments to encourage “social distancing” to further slow the spread of the virus.

Many of us – certainly those with children with regard to school closures – will have to make adjustments and may have major disruptions to our lives.

And those of us – and I know it’s not only me – with family members who are sick with compromised immune systems, must be ever more cautious and vigilant.

But life – and work – must go on, and we are ready to move forward.

As a company, Seismic is prepared in two important ways:

For our clients and contractors, measures for remote working are already in place. All projects have been moving forward in multiple departments (dialog, Fx, design, foley, and premixing) with central coordination. At the moment, there are no facility closures, and no reported sicknesses for on-site personnel; so, with simple precautions in place, meeting for mixes is still a very straight-forward, practical reality.

Our normal jovial handshakes or hugs will be replaced with nods and smiles. Please know this going in: I will, as you certainly will, make every effort not to endanger those I have at home with compromised immune systems.

Further, if and only if meeting for mixes becomes an activity that is deemed risky, then, barring any interruption of internet capabilities in the city, we will be able to produce full premixes and uploads for you to evaluate and send notes, and we can continue to work to produce a mix that will at minimum fulfill television broadcast standards – and for those of you with films, we can make individual arrangements based on your particular deadlines and circumstances, at the main facility 740 Sound in Playa Vista, with only essential and scaled-down personnel present.

Seismic has produced and is promoting material guidance for fighting coronavirus in a calm, community-centered, proactive, thoughtful manner – it’s called Be a Barrier, not a Carrier. The material is attached below as a JPG – meant to be shared as widely as possible on social media.

The message is simple: you may be healthy, but others in your community may not be; following simple precautions may help save a life.

As an individual that not only cares about his community, but cares about my at-risk family members at home – and yours – I humbly ask that you share this card on social media, without political or partisan viewpoint, but with the health of our neighbors and friends as your motivation.

I believe that as a community we can help slow the spread of the virus with the goal of not overwhelming our health care system, and that consistent messaging – especially to those that are still skeptical about the virus or have not been educated on how it differs dangerously from the flu – can help make that a reality for all communities.

Slight behavioral change is an absolutely essential local need – and I believe that that change can begin with a simple message that can persuade, and that all can agree on.

Thank you so much for your time, and above all, stay healthy!

Thank you,